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Welcome to Woolmarket Elementary!


Vivian Bosworth, Principal
Sundee Anspach, Assistant Principal
Pam Dearman, Instructional Literacy Coach

Woolmarket Elementary School serves 530 students, kindergarten to sixth grade, through 56 dedicated faculty members. It offers its students a state of the art learning environment with Internet access in all classrooms so all students can become part of the global society. Most classrooms have four computers for students to use during the school day. Students have access to a fully automated library and media center as well. A variety of educational programs such as after-school tutoring, Enrichment courses, and online curricula provide students with a wealth of opportunity to excel and achieve. Each teacher can better meet student needs as well with data warehousing resources developed by district personnel. These resources allow teachers to profile the past performance of a student and better meet the specific needs of the individual student.

      Woolmarket Elementary School Hours:  7:05 - 2:35
      Breakfast: 7:05-7:25 (Car riders must be at school by 7:20 to eat breakfast)
      Tardy Bell:  7:30
      School dismissal (buses & car riders):  2:35

                                                  WOOLMARKET ELEMENTARY

Vision: All students will perform at a level of proficient or above
 in all areas by the end of each school year. 

Mission: Woolmarket Elementary is a nurturing learning community committed to providing students with academic excellence for all students
to be college and career ready.


                                                                             R: Respect All                    
                                                                             A: Act Responsibly
                                                                      M: Motivated to Learn                                                       
S: Safety 

Woolmarket Elementary School is a Title I School-wide School.  Our school receives federal funds to assist us in meeting our student's educational needsTitle 1 funds can be used to improve curriculum, instructional activities, counseling, parental involvement, increase staff and program improvement. 


Each of our students have been provided with a planner/organizer. This planner is used as a daily communication tool between the teachers and parents. It contains homework assignments and comments about student behavior and/or other pertinent information. Please sign/initial your child's planner, nightly.


Every Tuesday, we send home all school notices and graded papers. Please review the information and sign/initial the folder.

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